Friday, July 15, 2011

Same Sex Marriage

There are so many perspectives on this issue. And each one as unique as the person that formed them. But in this blog I'm going to focus on whether constitutionally it should be legal or illegal. Then I'll express my own personal beliefs. I'm not trying to put anyone down or raise anyone up. I'm sure my view point is different from the people reading this.

In the Constitution of the United States there is something refered to as the elastic clause. This clauses refered to many times in politics. The elastic clause was created by our founding fathers so that the constitution could change with the times and not be stuck in the 17th century. The elastic clause refers to the fact that the constitution is very vague. Nothing is really specified upon the issue of marriage. it's not quite defined. nothing in the constitution outright forbids two people of the same sex to get married. On the flip side it also does not say they can get married either. So then what now? If the clause is neutral what will push it over the edge , one way or another? Beliefs. On one side you have people saying that's not proper and the other side they're saying we have a right to happiness. Most of the people on the apposing side use the bible as their main argument. But that has some major flaws in it. It is one of the most questionable pieces of literature; you can take it literally or figuratively. Any it's not proven to be true. But most of all it's religious. And our country separates power from church; so then how will it hold up in court? it's religion and while some believe it others simply choose not to. So then how are you going to make a law  based on  a book that might be true? And that only some people believe in? You can't. Mostly because power and religion do not cross in our government; the two never intermingle. Ever. And who is the government to take away people's happiness? The Declaration of Indpendence says ALL people have the right to life, liberty,and the pursuit of happiness. And ,clearly, it would interfere with the third; but then of course the declaration is simply just that; a declaration. Either way this issue is sure to work it's way up to the supreme court and they will have the final say. But either way this will continue to affect thousands of people. And with that I will leave you to draw you own conclusions.

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